The Men Who Sold the World
Hyde Park Art Center
Chicago, Illinois
August 27, 2000 through October 7, 2000

The Men Who Sold the World was a collaborative installation and perfromance by Chester (Chester Alamo-Costello) and the Sheriff (Donald McGhie) that investigated the “Sell Anything” idea driving today’s global capitalist culture through the utilization of varied technology and aggressive marketing that is set on changing our behavior. A quasi-business environment interlaced with the ephemera of human activity of the everyday office culture, The Men Who Sold the World assumed the role of a fly-by-night, upstart company which was focused upon the capitalist mantra of “sell, sell, sell,” with the promise of providing you with the “latest greatest make-your-life-better services and products.” The business environment included slogan directives, visual experiences, olfactory encounters and branded premiums. The business incubator ran in the form of a company where phone messages and faxes were invited.

“Pass the Buck”
Sunday, August 27, 2000
4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“Sell, Sell, Sell”
Sunday, September 10, 2000
3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Architectural renderings were provided by Mammoth Removal By Others (Jim Jobes, Dave Schroeder and Todd Wiltse). Additional photography provided by Doug McGoldrick and Jonathan Murphy.