Searching for Geomantrick
City Park’s Art Drops
Chicago, Illinois, USA

At exactly 5:03 a.m. on Sunday, October 25, 1998, Searching for Geomantrick began with a bicycle trek to Burnham Park, next to Lake Michigan. During this project, 60 natural hand-made light boxes (Geo-artworks) containing color transparencies were distributed to 20 Chicago City parks.

A note describing the effort and inviting response accompanied each Geo-artwork. 14 persons responded to the 60 deposits. The finders ranged from a Streetwise vendor to a Chicago beat cop. In total, 135 miles of bike-riding occurred, two large blisters were had, and 224 ounces of bottled water
was consumed.

Chicago Parks included: Bughouse Square, Burnham, Calumet, Chinatown Square, Columbus, Douglas, Garfield, Grant, Marquette, Humbolt, Jackson, Juarez, Lincoln, Olive, Plymouth, Rogers, Scrapper’s, Warren, Washington, and Wicker Park.