In just a matter of hours, time will stand still for much of the planet’s population. Work will not be done. Diapers will not be changed. Ordinary men and women will turn into raving lunatics. It’s the World Cup. And for the next several weeks, millions, if not billions, will gather around television sets to catch the action. One place they’ll be gathering is Chicago’s Globe Pub. Since 2004 it’s been a home-away-from-home for the city’s football fanatics. Educator and Globe regular Chester Alamo-Costello documented the personalities, the pints, the “oohs” and the “ahhs” seen and heard at the bar through a book of photographs, simply titled The Globe. Chester talks about the project, and describes a typical Saturday morning scene inside the pub.

Jason Marck
848 Radio Show
WBEZ 91.5
June 10, 2010